1. Do you offer self pick-up option?

Sorry, we don't offer this option at the moment because currently both storage and packing are outsourced to an external warehouse for convenience. We are looking to set up a retail store in year 2020 to serve you better!

2. How many days should I expect my delivery?

We will notify you as soon as your order is packed. It can be as quick as the next day. We will let you know within 24 hours after you place your order.

3. What time of the day should I expect delivery at home?

All delivery companies will give you a call in advance before going out for delivery.

4. Do you offer same day delivery?

Sorry, that is not possible now.

5. Do you provide tracking numbers?

Sorry, no tracking numbers will be provided. Instead, we will provide you with a customer support number for you to reach out to the delivery person directly.

6. Any potential delay in delivery?

Unfortunately there will be times when mother nature decides to interfere (e.g. rain), causing traffic to be slower than expected. In such circumstances, we hope for your understanding for the safety of the delivery person, and be patient and wait for your delivery. If the weather impact gets worse, delivery could be postponed to next day.

7. What kind of delivery packaging do you use?

Our default packaging is a standard double-layer paper carton box, which should be more than good enough for all short-term deliveries. Slight thawing might occur during delivery process but that is fine as long as you store them in the freezer immediately once you receive them. As for long-haul deliveries, we use refrigerated trucks to deliver.

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